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On the Spiritually Unified Neviim and the Solar Ketuvim

Allegorical constructs allow us to describe in part those things that are indescribable.

The Origin of Lunacy. The light of the moon is a reflection of the sun. Those that watch the mirror moon will have a vast increase in reflections signifying the presence of prophets and prophecy. The reflection will be often misinterpreted or misunderstood. Those that rely on the light reflected from the rippling globe of the looking glass moon might place faith in a misperceived notion. Because of this there will be much confusion. History confirms the confusions of moon-watchers, convinced that they perceive the great truths refined in the fire of the Sun itself, or through an allegorical representation of the sun, when in actuality they are perceiving the lesser reflection.

The Seven Suns. As the reflection of the sun from the moon is increased to the emitting power of the sun (albeit diluted, rippled, etc.) The sun itself (source) will be as sevenfold. This then shows that the sun-watchers (and particularly the Neviim) truly will have sevenfold increase of light coming down IN to (or through) them.

The Sign. Above the head burns an intense light as if the sun is always alight, day and night, eyes open or closed. The functioning sign is acquired most assuredly by bequest, or gift. It may be passed from being to being, and remain dormant until it is solarized and ascended to its place of primacy. Solarization itself comes as a bequeathing from a higher being or beings. Solarization is a supernatural event. The act and process of seeking hastens its arrival. Intense spiritual meditation hastens its arrival further. Activation of what is called chakras allows an energy flow necessary for what is called the rising of kundalini from the lower and central energy masses towards what is called the crown chakra maximizing the flow which initializes the general state conducive to solarization. These activations and processes DO NOT necessarily result in spontaneous solarization. True solarization is always a gift. One is chosen to receive it, and no amount of ritual alone can result in solarization (and particularly ascendance to primacy). Again, the act and process of seeking hastens it arrival.

The Chamber of the Sun is also open to those that will enter. Within the physical mass of the sun exists the space/time and non-space/time it occupies. The reality underlying the physical being of the sun is in actuality the truer reality, whereas the physical manifestation is simply an emanation of the source reality. In any case, this chamber has the appearance of a white room. The feeling of standing within the space/non-space brings to mind the upper half of a globe (in other words, a dome), which would make this particular white room a dome with a floor of some kind (possibly of an invisible quality). Clearly these are not physical objects, as one would be accustomed to observing with physical senses. This is clearly a spiritual, or finer, perception from a spiritual or finer perspective.

All is one everywhere. Words do not describe this reality with any accuracy. Only allegory and metaphor can hint at the reality. Allegory and similar archetypal language form through lunacy, (in the lunar=reflection sense of the word). Lunacy is then, the reflection. Sun is the source. We, The Communicators, a burdened few, hearts to the sun, are also in a state of call and response, honest communication, and debate. The “conspirators” of the S.U.N. are in constant communication. We breathe together, as it were. We also could be allegorically described as stars emitting radiation across the spectrum of waves. But it is actually call and response and discussion of the issues and prophecy and progression. It is a most difficult but joyous calling.

The Gray Moon: The REFLECTION (the false image) is easily infiltrated by accusers, the ruthless and cruel and those unprepared for higher learning. Each S.U.N. Angel must keep the message of the universal collective a sort of ‘secret’ most of the time. A corporeal angel is apt to speak openly if a capacity to understand the allegories and metaphors presents itself in the heart of a potential listener. The written word is one way to present the messages of unity and to warn of the conflicts as they appear. The written word is not the only purveyor of this information. Those that will hear and see, will hear and see. Those that do not, shall not (at least until they are more spiritually prepared). The hope is that EVERYONE will ultimately be ready, but it has been suggested that some will not make it in the short run. This is for an higher being to know. Speculation is open to the curious.

Please join and post your post-lunar heliocentric eccentricities