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"We are so much the victims of abstraction that with the Earth in flames we can barely rouse ourselves to wander across the room and look at the thermostat." Terrence Mckenna
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"Much of the hatred in the world springs from bad digestion and inadequate functioning of the glands, which is a result of oppression and thwarting in youth." - Bertrand Russell, Living Philosophies 1931



"Within the last century, Western science and physics have made a startling discovery. We are part of the world we view. The very process of our observation changes the things we perceive. As an example, an electron is an extremely tiny item. It cannot be viewed without instrumentation, and that apparatus dictates what the observer will see. If you look at an electron one way, it appears to be a particle, a hard little ball that bounces around in nice straight paths. When you view it another way, an electron appears to be a wave form, with nothing solid about it. It glows and wiggles all over the place. An electron is an event more than a thing. And the observer participates in that event by the very process of his or her observation. There is no way to avoid this interaction.

Eastern science has recognized this basic principle for a very long time. The mind is a set of events, and the observer participates in those events every time he or she looks inward. ... What you are looking at responds to the process of looking."

-Venerable Henepola Gunaratana, Mindfulness in Plain English 1991

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"I need a sign to let me know you're here
All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere
I need to know that things are gonna look up
'Cause I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup

When there is no place safe and no safe place to put my head
When you feel the world shake from the words that are said

And I'm calling all angels
I'm calling all you angels"

Train, Calling All Angels
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So fast!

As I was going through my notes during an extended retreat a couple of months ago, I noticed this entry which actually belongs in First Observer folders, but I thought it was interesting because it came down so fast that I had to type at super speed and the typos were interesting. I think I have other entries like this. I will have to continue looking. Collapse )