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A crosspost from HERE for docmentation purposes HELLO! Hi, glad… - transmit__receive ready, set, go! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 20th, 2005|09:50 am]


A crosspost from HERE for docmentation purposes

HELLO! Hi, glad to see someone here. It's been quiet. My sister has a Mastiff named Chico (which means something like "little boy") and I've been raving about how wise and kind and spiritual he is to my friend in Indiana. So, last night i was talking to my friend in and she says "we went out to dinner last night" (with her parents) "to Bloomington and right beside the patio where we sat was a upscale clothing store named CHICO's!" So I said to her "have you ever seen that store or heard of it before?" she says "No. have you?" ... I say "I have one better; YESTERDAY, we were watching TV and and a certain program was being sponsored -commercial after commercial for the whole show- by a fashion store named CHICO's! So my sister was sitting there saying 'It's a Chico day' over and over because that's what the commercial was repeating"... hah. I've never heard of Chico's Clothing until the day before yesterday on TV, and my friend in Indy never heard of Chico's clothing before she saw the store front yesterday. 9 hours of driving between us. Go figure! hehehe.