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So fast! [Sep. 24th, 2005|11:46 pm]


As I was going through my notes during an extended retreat a couple of months ago, I noticed this entry which actually belongs in First Observer folders, but I thought it was interesting because it came down so fast that I had to type at super speed and the typos were interesting. I think I have other entries like this. I will have to continue looking.

Note: I think this will end up in the Addendum to The Book of the First Observer... i think. Also i think this was in answer to a specific question, but I can't remember what the question was... ak. I only wrote down the answer for some reason.

"July 13, 2005 - Universal redemption is only required because the fallen state of humanity is illusory. Therefor, because humankind is and has been mired in this illusion for so long Christ saw fit to accomplish the ultimate symbolic act of the human being to teach once and for all, that redemption the necessintr of redemption is created by man himself out of the possibility of illusion created by the first observer. Since the fallen state of mankind is actrually an illusion if supposed and a lie if taught the role of the savior is instructive. The final sacreice taight and figted tro manking by and through jesus crist is the highest instruc tion mankind has received. The sacrifice was intended to instruct finally that the fall of man is a choice that each human makes each moment of life. The good life is indeed truth and need only to be grasped to be achieved as a state of mind, a lifestyle, an awakening and a rebirth. Babtism symbolises the death or burying of illusion and the fallen man, and the birth of awareness, and the new man. The messages of truth are all around at all times. Synchronicites is the rare moment of correlation that we percieve as if it is a speavcial circumstance whin in fact it is the structure of reality, all inclusive. Truth is drawn from all sources with an attitude of childlike curiosity first, then thoughtfulness, temporance and prayer/meditation. Repetition is a good indicator of something that ought to be paid attention to, for it may be insturctive, a truth to follow, or a warning to avoidance, thus wisdom."

For more info on "First Observer" just add my personal journal (it's freinds only now), as I have some info about it in there... or just ask me anywhere. Thanks! :)